September 3, 2006


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The procrastination continues apace!

This post covers three things, all of which may bore the pants off you (which, depending on where you are when you’re reading this, could be exciting): (1) the XML feed, (2) affiliate links, (3) new! shorter! sidebar! If you don’t care about any of these things, go back to frolicking in the sun.

For the rest of you nerds:

  1. Those on the feed have probably figured this out, but just in case: when I write a very long post (which is most of them) and use the “click through to read more” option, to my annoyance WordPress does not give any indication in the feed that there’s more to the post. The text just stops before the “more” tag. So if it seems like I just trailed off without getting to the point, it may mean that you have to click through to read the full post. Or, I may just have trailed off without getting to the point.

    (If you don’t know what a syndication feed is—really, get with the program. I use NetNewsWire and Bloglines to keep up with what all y’all are doing.)

  2. If you are tuned in to the syndication feed, you may have noticed a lot of old posts floating back to the top. This is because I finally took Joseph’s suggestion and signed up for an Associates account. Because, really, why not? Well, why not is because I then had to go back and update a gajillion links to use the new ID code. So posts that included links are now showing up as fresh in the feed.

    Now go click on all those links and buy some books . . . from your local independent bookseller.

  3. I’ve mentioned before how it was never my intention to have two gigs’ worth of tiny JPEGs running down the side of this site. Well, I’ve finally gotten tired of waiting for to fix this, and I’ve moved all but the most recent book thumbnails onto a separate page called In Print.

    So if you’re burning with desire to see what I’m working on, it’s still right here on every page. If you’re burning with desire to see what I was doing a year ago, you’ll need to make another click and then sit patiently for a while. Should your ISP wish to send me flowers, please have them e-mail for a delivery address.

That is all. You may now return to playing WoW.

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