September 20, 2006

Mighty Stupid Mouse

Posted in hardware, Tools at 12:19 pm by India

I’m still not posting. I just wanted to point out that the Apple Mighty Mouse? Sucks. It’s too round and is always getting oriented just a little bit too far counterclockwise in my hand, so that I try to left-click and get a right-click instead. Also, the buttons on the side are impossibly placed. Looks pretty; lousy design.

My workaround, until I get pissed off enough to request a normal two-button mouse from GoG, has been to mark each vague-button-area of the mouse with one of those little doughnut-shaped stickers you use to reinforce the holes on looseleaf pages, so I can get my fingers in the right spots without looking. The mouse now looks like an owl:

Owl Mouse


  1. .sara said,

    Well, that’s clever.

    I’m impressed that you tried it at all. I admit I’ve got MS mice for my Mac at work and at home; can’t deal with what Apple calls a mouse. (:

  2. India Amos said,

    Well, (1) it was free and required absolutely no effort on my part to acquire (aside from paranoidly backing up my files), and (2) my previous mouse at the office was the dreaded one-button Mac mouse. So even without the finger-targets, this is slightly better than that. Having a scroll . . . nub . . . is useful, for instance.

    I will not tell you what I usually call the scroll nub, but I don’t think either mice or owls usually have them.

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