December 3, 2006

“India, Pixels” doesn’t have much of a ring to it, sadly.

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Okay, so, you know how I’m always talking about pretty things you can make out of dead trees? Well, how would you feel if I kind of maybe mixed that up with some stuff about the pretty things you can make out of living, blinking pixels? Because as of January 15, 2007, I’ll no longer be designing book interiors full-time. Nope, instead, I’m switching gears—again!—to go manage this Web site. I’ll also be doing a bit of print-related stuff there, and, because I’m an idiot who doesn’t know how to say “No,” I’ll probably continue doing freelance work on print publications; but overall you should see a shift on this blog from print-related verbose rambling to Web-related verbose rambling. It’ll still be book-related, because I’ll be working at a literary organization with book right there in the name, but the nerdy parts may sound different.

(For those of you who’re amused by how-did-I-get-here stories, this latest transition was brought to you by two friends and former coworkers from the Academy of American Poets, who now work at Nextbook. There was some stuff that needed doing, and they thought I’d be a good person to come do it. There was lunch; there was tea; there was no interview-for-which- I-had-to-wear-grown-up-shoes. I feel guilty about leaving my current sweet gig so soon—I like it just fine and had intended to stay there at least five years—you know, until I was fully vested in the 401K—but the new gig is even sweeter, and I have friends and admired colleagues there already, and I dearly hope that I will like it even finer.)

So, if you have any outstanding questions about what it’s like to design book guts in house for a mainstream publisher, now’s your chance! Ask me before I forget everything!

And if you have any observations about (which is about to be relaunched, with a redesign that I’ve had nothing to do with—exciting!), feel free to shoot them my way, either in comments or by e-mail. It’s been more than five years since I was responsible for a big-ass Web project, and it really would help me get up to speed with this new job to hear what some of you think of the existing site. I have my own vague opinions about it, and I’ve yet to thoroughly examine the redesign that’s still under wraps. But I don’t have any sense (much less hard data) yet of who visits the site, how they use it, and what they think of it. I’d love to hear your impressions, whether you’ve ever visited it before reading this post or not.

In other news, I’m on vacation. Hello, London! Any book nerds here? And Tuesday: Paris!


  1. kelly said,

    india congrats on the new gig -!- i hope it is rewarding and enjoyable.

    i’m a sucker for talk of web guts as well as book guts, so your coming shift will be fun.

    ’twas my first visit to just now – and whoa, lots there. i look forward to reading through it…

    enjoy your vacation while the rest of us slave on – – –


  2. d. f. tweney said,

    Congratulations on the new gig, India! And London/Paris — you lucky you!

  3. .sara said,

    Congratulations! (:

  4. kiki said,

    lucky you! getting another sweet job.

  5. Denise Covert said,

    Yay India! It’s been a while since I’ve checked in, but congrats on the new gig! Will your title be WebMistress? (I saw a church site once that called the person Web Servant, which I actually thought was kinda cool, in a Jesus-y sort of way.)

  6. India Amos said,

    Hey, Denise. I wondered what happened to you.

    My official title is “art director,” but I hope my working title will be the one I used to have at, which is “webmama.”

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