February 7, 2007

How and When to Wear a Tuxedo Wrapper

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A very fine resource got written up on the Craft: blog the other day, and I expected to see it all over the interdesignweb within hours. Since such ubiquitization does not yet seem to have occurred, I hereby draw your attention to the Indiana University Libraries’ photolicious Making a [Casebound] Book. This article is just one small part of the utterly nerdtastic Repair and Enclosure Treatments Manual, which is all about the care, feeding, and restoration of books.

This, FYI, is a tuxedo wrapper:

tuxedo wrapper

My favorite part of the manual, though, is this gem of an unanswered query, on the tuxedo wrapper intro page:


The criteria for this enclosure are…

…OK, what ARE the criteria for this enclosure?

Clearly, the question to ask yourself is, Where will this book be going? Mrs. Post prescribes a Tuxedo for the following forms of social engagement:

1. At the theater.
2. At most dinners.
3. At informal parties.
4. Dining at home.
5. Dining in a restaurant.

Remember: “If ever in doubt what to wear, the best rule is to err on the side of informality. Thus, if you are not sure whether to put on your dress suit or your Tuxedo, wear the latter.”

Now you know.


  1. I’ve preferred to follow the opposite rule regarding formality/informality in personal attire. That is, when in doubt, overdress. You’ll feel snazzier, and if you really overdo it, then you do the other guests and attendees the favor of giving them something to talk about.

    Whether this should apply also to enclosure treatments, I don’t know. I would expect the same general philosophy applies though.

  2. India Amos said,

    Well, yes, it is more fun that way. It’s also possible that customs have changed slightly since 1922.

  3. Schizohedron said,

    On a future trip to Las Vegas, I want to rent a tux for the evening, regardless of my plans — a fancy dinner, a show, an evening of poker, all of the above whatever. Just go the whole James Bond route and dude up for a night. Folks at the poker tables will think either I’m a pit boss taking a break from the high-stakes baccarat lounge, or that I got stood up at the altar. Either way, it’ll get conversation going!

  4. What a gem of a website! Ta very much!

  5. India Amos said,

    [I’m closing comments on this post because for reasons that are mysterious to me, it has become a spam magnet.]

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