July 13, 2007

Hot or not: curvy, with a prominent tail?

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rock chick

This just in:

The Psychology of Fonts, commissioned by Lexmark Printers and written by psychologist Dr Aric Sigman explains how a typeface will significantly influence what the reader thinks about you.

Courier is seen as the choice of “sensible shoes” type of people or “anoraks” and curvy icons like Georgia or Shelly suggest a bit of a “rock chick” personality.

So that’s why I like Georgia: I’m a rock chick! Duuuude!!

The study found rectilinear fonts were more appealing to men, while the more round and curvy fonts with prominent tails were favourites with women.

Huh. I wouldn’t have thought it’d shake out in quite that way, but that shows you what I know about the sexes.

(Via Design Observer.)

Photo: erika’s licks by Lex in the City / Alexia; some rights reserved.


  1. Sheila Ryan said,

    Well, fuck me running, India! Like I’m a rock chick, too! Like Joan Fucking Jett! Let’s start a band! Grrrl Power!

    “Prominent tails”. Foxy.

  2. India Amos said,

    Sheila! Think of the children!

  3. Sheila Ryan said,

    The instant they demonstrate that they think of me. Maybe.

  4. India Amos said,

    So, are you sure you’re not more of a Pat Benatar–type rock chick? “Hell is for children” and all that?

  5. Sheila Ryan said,

    Eh, I hope I’m not a Pat Benatar-type rock chick. But it is very confusing. The rock chicks I admire (Patti Smith, for instance, and Chrissie Hynde) have kids. I can only barely tolerate other people’s kids. Go figure.

  6. India Amos said,

    Ah, well in that case, you should know better than to be cussing all over the place: You shouldn’t let your manners slip; you’re too precious.

  7. Sheila Ryan said,

    “Watch yer cussin’, son.” (Clint Eastwood as William Munny in “Unforgiven”)

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