August 9, 2007

TypeCon 2007 in 100 words or less

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detail of typo-peppered map in Freeway Park, Seattle

“I love Quark, but . . . at some point you gotta stop hitting yourself on the head with a hammer.” “Calli means ‘good’ and graphy means ‘writing,’ so calligraphy means ‘beautiful writing.’ Isn’t that neat?” Because some users don’t know how to type curly quotes instead of straight ones, you should make fonts whose straight quotes are the same as the curly ones—are you !@#$% kidding me? Cabarga talks softly, is clever with Illustrator. Elements 3E signed by Bringhurst! Hotels with lousy Internet must die. Many pretty Mexican typefaces. Anything is interesting for only twenty minutes—almost.


  1. Sheila Ryan said,

    As my archivist-mentor, the late Archie Motley, muttered to me at a conference a few years back (beginning ‘in medias res’, as was his wont), ” . . . and you hear the same things time and again year after year — but it’s good to see the people . . . ”

    I hope it was good to see the people.

  2. India Amos said,

    Well, I don’t really know any of the people, and I’m lousy at mingling. But I did visit some non-TypeCon friends I hadn’t seen in years.

    Overall, it was fun and interesting, but I can’t tell you how frustrating it was not to have a usable Internet connection. This not only made staying on top of my work—there were a lot of little-but-important things I’d meant to get done—impossible, but it also made staying on top of the conference more difficult. For example, I learned only today that there was a list of recommended restaurants near the hotel; that sure would have come in handy.

  3. Sheila Ryan said,

    I wonder which is the more peculiar crowd — those who attend TypeCon or the annual conference of the Society of American Archivists?

    The SAA conference is in Chicago the end of this month. I’ll report my observations somewhere or other.

  4. India Amos said,

    Hmm. I haven’t been to many cons, so I can only guess, but what I would guess is that neither group has anything—anything—on attendees at a poetry conference. Especially an international poetry conference.

  5. Sheila Ryan said,

    Poets are creepy — except for Cooper and a very few others I could name.

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