December 8, 2007

Yap, yap, yap

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Operator by Jeremy Brooks, at Flickr

John Oliver Coffey dropped me an e-mail the other morning about a new discussion forum for typesetters, aptly called . . . Typesetter Forum. It’s

a new (and free) forum for questions, answers and opinions related to the publishing industry with particular emphasis on typesetting.

Its not exactly a free-for-all (will be lightly moderated) and is oriented towards collaboration . . . and solving common typesetting challenges whether in applications or techniques. We will also post jobs, contracts, news and resources for everyone interested in the industry.

So, of course, because I was supposed to be getting ready for work, I decided to check the site out instead. And I ended up writing a 424-word comment on the first post I read: How can I set up a book in Adobe Indesign?. Because it’s not like I have, oh, a book to copyedit, a catalogue to lay out, three posters to proof, two illustrations to muddle through, and a metric donkeyload of other e-mails and blog comments to respond to. And it’s not like I was making myself late for work or anything. Not any later than usual, anyway.

Then, tonight, after a cranky thirteen-hour workday with no lunch, I decided to wind down by spending another few hours staring at a smaller backlit screen: I checked in at the forum again, and once again I got cruelly tricked into mouthing off about that work that I hardly even do anymore—this time, 685 words: Expectations of a typesetter (?).

So, if you’re wondering why I’m not saying much over here lately, it’s because I’m squandering all my genius in discussion boards you’ve never heard of. You could partially amend that by going over there and checking out Typesetter Forum yourself.

Photo: Operator by Jeremy Brooks; some rights reserved.


  1. Gosh, you are truly a very giving person — they are extremely considered and useful answers to quite naive questions!

  2. India Amos said,

    Way to put a positive spin on it! Here I was thinking that I’m just a very, very determined procrastinator.

    It’s the naive questions that tend to hook me. I see someone teetering on the edge of deep, deep misinformedness and I want to yank the poor noob back.

    I also commented on the Most Common Typesetting Mistakes thread, because neither of the previous posts actually had anything to do with typesetting. So I tried to steer the discussion a bit more toward genuine professional concerns. And I posted a question on Error exporting InDesign CS3 to CS2 because it sounds to me like there’s a malfunction somewhere between the keyboard and the chair.

    This is probably a total waste of my time, but making a reasonably earnest effort to move the discussion forward right now fully authorizes me to bitch about the site later on. It’s those little rewards that keep me going.

  3. Hi India – Thanks a lot for the plug to the forum on your site and for your answers to those questions.

    The forum is for noobs as well as industry veterans and experts. In a young forum such as this I think its important to set the tone but also not exclude people from joining or asking or for that matter answering questions.

    Given the excellent detail of your posts we heartily look forward to stealing more of your high value moments of procrastination in the future!

    Thanks a lot – JoC

    ps. any chance of a wee link in your blogroll (sounds disgusting but you know what i mean ;-)

  4. India Amos said,

    Sorry—I meant to blogroll it earlier. Done.

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