February 18, 2008

I say! A subterranean semicolon!

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laser semicolon

[W]hatever one’s personal feelings about semicolons, some people don’t use them because they never learned how.

In fact, when Mr. Neches was informed by a supervisor that a reporter was inquiring about who was responsible for the semicolon, he was concerned.

“I thought at first somebody was complaining,” he said.

From “Celebrating the Semicolon in a Most Unlikely Location” by Sam Roberts, New York Times, 2/18/08.

I am a big fan of the semicolon, myself; it’s an extremely useful punctuation mark.

(Thanks, Rob!)

Photo: laserColon laserSemiColon by Andrew Plumb / ClothBot; some rights reserved.


  1. bookbabie said,

    Semicolons are kind of cute, but colons worry me a little:(

  2. India said,

    I find colons to be overused: many people employ them where semicolons would be more appropriate.

  3. […] I say! A subterranean semicolon! […]

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