March 5, 2008

The Charles Montgomery Burns Award for Blogging

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Last week Stephen Tiano was so kind as to select this blog as one of ten he rated “Excellent,” as part of a pay-it-forward linky thing. Thanks, Steve!

I’m not sure I like the Enron-style logo for the project—

Excellent blog logo

—but I certainly appreciate the kind notice.

Some of the relevant sites that I follow have already been flagged for this thing:

I Love Typography
words / myth / ampers & virgule
Publishing Careers
The Penguin Blog

and I’ve discovered a few new ones by clicking back through the previous honorees. Yay! That’s the point.

But here are ten that I don’t think are duplicates:

  • Cozy Lummox — Eric Skillman’s design process blog. Eric is becoming, like, totally famous.
  • Zina Saunders @ Drawger — Not only beautiful artwork, but also interesting interviews with artists and art directors
  • Right-reading — Tom Christensen’s eclectic mix of mostly book-related stuff
  • Smashing Magazine — Is it a blog? Is it a magazine? I don’t know, but it’s been really useful.
  • Bittbox — Strangely impersonal—posts are written in the first person, but I can’t figure out who that “I” refers to—but, again, who cares? Lots of useful stuff.
  • Copyranter — Possibly the only upside to the world’s being plastered with advertising is that it fuels a constant stream of criticism from Copyranter, much of which amuses me. (As a bonus, his office is somewhere within a block of mine—maybe in the same building—so I’ve winced firsthand at many of the ads he skewers.)
  • Coudal Partners — “If browsing around here while at work has had a negative effect on your productivity we’re sorry but imagine what it’s done to ours.” No kidding. I find it hard to believe that they’re actually a functioning design firm, with all the blogging they do.
  • Chris Glass — I don’t know how Chris gets any work done, either, but he’s got a great feed, and now also a glass tumblr.
  • Elisabethsblog — Okay, so it’s in Norwegian (how peculiar!); but most of the sites she highlights are in English, so just click each link and see where you end up.
  • Throwing Music — Totally off-topic, but as I mentioned over at Clusterflock, I am really in love with the writing of Kristin Hersh (of the bands Throwing Muses and 50FootWave, as well as a distinguished solo career). She sends out gorgeous letters to her e-mail list, too. Today’s was brilliant.
  • Clusterflock — Which it’s “a group blog dedicated to pretty much everything; by people you would like to meet at a party; . . . dedicated to culture: art, design, music, food, architecture, science, travel, movies, books, typography, politics, etc.; inclusive of geezers!; a delightful mixture of orange words and pictures of well, the insides of a stuffed animal—delightful all the same.” Something for everyone, though perhaps not all on the same day.

Um, okay, that was eleven. But this kind of thing is extremely difficult for a scatterbrain who has more than 400 feeds in her RSS reader. Ask me again tomorrow; I’ll have a different list.


  1. Elisabeth said,

    Stephen was right. Your blog is definitely excellent! And that’s a lot of excellent links for one evening! I was supposed to work, but I can see that that is going to be a problem now that I have all these great sites to check out.

    And thanks for mentioning my (norwegian!) blog. I guess I’d better come up with 10 links of my own now …

  2. Sheila Ryan said,

    Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

    (Which it’s “a group blog dedicated to pretty much everything . . .”, indeed. Say, how do you you think this would fly as a clusterflock question: “Aubrey or Maturin?” — which I suppose might be interpreted either as “Whom do you prefer?” or “With whom do you identify?” Either way, think enough of ’em would smoke it?)

  3. India said,

    Sadly, I don’t think I could qualify as either. Preserved Killick, perhaps.


    And thank you *so much* for putting me onto Kristen Hersh’s blog. I’ve been a big fan of hers for decades now. Looks like I’ve got hours of interesting reading ahead of me to catch up…

  5. India said,

    &duck: Since you like Kristin Hersh, you might be interested in an hourlong interview from last May that I discovered today. It’s available only through iTunes, and it’s not labeled there in any useful way, so I suspect that only people who live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, or hang out on the Throwing Music discussion forums know about it: WCBN Living Writers podcast, 5/30/07. I’d never heard her speak before, instead of sing; it’s amazing how much she sounds like herself.

    Sheila: An awful thing happened to me this evening. I went to Wikipedia to check the spelling of Preserved Killick’s name (a consequence of “reading” the series as audiobooks is that I sometimes have bizarre ideas about how characters’ names are spelled), and in skimming the page my eye fell upon a horrifying spoiler! I was so upset. I am still upset. Now I want never to listen to the next book (I’m up to The Hundred Days). I don’t think I can bear it, now that I know that by reading the rest of the series, I will kill one of my favorite people. It’s a terrible curse to know the future.

  6. Sheila Ryan said,

    My heart goes out to the Other Sheila. I go out of my way to shun anything that might give me a glimpse of the future.

  7. Sheila Ryan said,

    Grief has seized hold of my wits.

    Yes, India, you were addressing me. You were not, as my grief-addled mind would have it, quoting some Other Sheila.

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  9. xensen said,

    Congratulations! And thanks for the nod to rightreading.

  10. [clasps hands]

    wow, thanks. It’s like finding Anna Akhmatova’s voice on the web. That really blew me away.

  11. That’s a great podcast. She is one wild woman…

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  13. C.M. Mayo said,

    What fun!! Thanks!!

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