September 4, 2009

To be fond of ; to like ; to have good will toward ; to delight in, with preëminent affection.

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Chronicle Books had only a dummy of the trade edition at BEA, but the book is out now. (Buy it through Indiebound.)

If I weren’t determined to win it myself, I would tell you that Chronicle will hold a drawing on November 15 for a copy of one of the luscious letterpress versions printed and bound by John Carrera.

Oh, okay, fine. But if you win the book, you have to give it to me. Or let me borrow it. Something.

And, remember: If you like old engravings, you can see tons of them online at Google Books by searching for dictionaries and encyclopedias with “Full view only” selected. And if you find a particularly nice one, won’t you clean it up and post it to Flickr under a CC attribution license (since Flickr doesn’t let individuals mark images as being in the public domain) with lots of tags, so that others can find and use it? E.g.

(Via my3books.)

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