February 2, 2010

Room for improvement. No—wait—airplane hangar for improvement.

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India, Ink., has moved. The live version of this post is now located at http://ink.indiamos.com/2010/02/02/room-for-improvement-no—wait—airplane-hangar-for-improvement/. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Below are slides from a presentation Liza Daly gave at the Digital Book World conference last week. There are elaborative notes on the DBW site.

View more presentations from Digital Book World.

I am extremely bummed not to have been there, but at least now, thanks to the kindness of O’Reilly and the saucy Sarah Wendell of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, I’ll get to see Liza give another talk at the Tools of Change for Publishing conference, later this month. Free! Woot!

One remaining bum-out: I’d really like to go to the TOC workshops on that Monday, too (for example, Joshua Tallent’s), but the free pass doesn’t include them, so it’d be a few hundred dollars out of my holey pocket. A pittance compared with the $1,595 of the full conference+workshops fee, but still a large chunk of change for an incomeless person who’s hip-deep in student loans. Worth it? Not worth it? I just don’t know.

Incidentally, I noticed there’s another free pass being given away, by Publishing Trends. You have until Friday at 12 pm to throw your name into the hat.


  1. Personally, I think my session will be amazing! I’m actually hoping to get someone to take 1 hour of the time and give a demonstration of how to use InDesign to export a decent ePub file.

  2. Holy smokes, I wish I’d read this earlier. One of the featured speakers at that conference is a guy I freelance for. We attended the same college 30 years ago; next thing I know, he’s running a media consulting business. Irony: my work for him is print design.

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