January 30, 2008

Read the Fine Print

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Creative Commons licenses are a wonderful thing. Without them, I’d probably be unable to do my job, so I am extremely grateful to all who apply a CC license to their photos.

All, that is, except people who mark their work with a CC license and then get huffy when someone actually uses it.
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January 11, 2008

Pulchritudinous penmanship

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“1860 Warsaw 1″ by Zeva Oelbaum, 2006

We posted a lovely gallery today at Nextbook.org: yeshiva students’ scribblings on their textbooks’ endpapers, photographed by Zeva Oelbaum: Biblical Marginalia. Click the “View Gallery” link under Eve M. Kahn’s byline to see the slideshow.

I guess they didn’t have that rule that one of my schools did, which if I recall correctly was that if you marked up your school-issued textbook, you had to pay for a new one.

Shown above: 1860 Warsaw 1 by Zeva Oelbaum, 2006.

September 18, 2007

The Power of Books

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The Power of Books

By Mladen Penev.

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